New York City Bound…

Are you going to be in NYC this summer? Got a job in NYC after graduation? Then click here to learn about Flourishing City: Unleashing the Millennial Generation to Thrive For the Flourishing of the City and the World.

Connecting For:  Thriving. Unleashing. Flourishing. Turning the world upside down.

There is nothing worse that being disconnected!  We are created for intimate connection to God and others.  You are welcome in our community no matter where you are in your faith process. We are all on a journey, and we need each other.

We are a community of Millennials who are journeying together in life in NYC. We are safe and free because of being known and loved in Jesus. We live in bold faith to turn the world upside down, because He calls us to radical surrender. We want to thrive in our relationship with Him and be unleashed into all that He calls us. We believe Him for the flourishing of the whole city, as we, together, work for the common good. We want to live in authentic relationship, and uncommon joyful passion that changes the world. Please join us!”

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