Summer 2014 Action

There’s a cool opportunity to continue grow in your relationship with God all summer. It’s called Missions Summer, and there’s more info.about it below. Also, check out what AIA International is doing at the World Cup this summer.

Finally, if you’re around Brown this summer, let us know! We’ll get together a few times to connect with each other and with God, as well as have some fun along the way!


At home this summer?  Have an internship?  Staying at Brown?  Want to grow in your faith, see God do amazing things?

Check out Cru Mission Summer

WHAT:  Mission Summer is a tool designed by Cru (which is the umbrella organization over Athletes In Action) to meet you where you are this summer and help you grow spiritually and help others grow spiritually.  Summer can be a dry time, we know!  This tool was created to serve you.

WHEN & WHO: This summer experience lasts June 1st – August 8th, and is open to any student or faculty anywhere in the world. Don’t worry that it’s past June 1–you can easily catch up.

HOW:  Mission Summer is driven by a priority of connecting with people locally, nationally, and online. You will hear from national speakers, walk through guided online curriculum, and be challenged to take steps of faith through out the summer.

Busy Summer? We get it. Each week tune in for the Sunday Night Webcast. Then find some time each week on your own or with a group to choose from various missional opportunities and take steps of faith based on your availability. We’ve created 3 routes of engagement for you to choose your level of involvement each week. Training materials and outreach ideas are online for individuals or small groups to use.

Mission Summer’s Weekly Missional Themes

1 Your Walk with God  2 Story & the Gospel  3 Sharing the Gospel  4 Discipleship  5 Eternal Perspective  6 God’s Heart for the Nations  7 Lifetime on Mission  8 Plan for Going Back to Campus

Get more info or Learn how to join Mission Summer now

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