We are:
- A movement of athletes seeking to honor God in sport and life.
- A bunch of broken people who don’t have it all figured out.
- A support network.
- A mix of varsity, club, friends of, and former athletes.
- A hodgepodge of spiritual, social, economic, and geographical backgrounds.
- A Community.

Athletes in Action (AIA) is an interdenominational Christian fellowship for any/all college athletes. AIA exists on college campuses throughout the country as well as in many nations around the world. AIA at Brown has a desire to serve the Brown athletic community, providing a support network for students and coaches to find help and encouragement. AIA exists to help transform student-athletes into people who will become Total Athletes, people who maximize the unique potential for which God has made them, and people who pursue tao honor God in and through sport, academics, service, leadership and their future careers.

One of our goals is to help student athletes use the platform of athletics to promote positive change in their personal lives and in society through a relationship with God. We offer specific opportunities for student-athletes to learn how faith in Jesus Christ can impact their lives in the midst of the unique challenges and demands of sports and college life.

Members of AIA at Brown range anywhere from the serious varsity athlete to the casual or club athlete. Anyone interested in learning more about God, how it is possible to have a personal relationship with him and/or how to become a “Total Athlete” is welcomed to join us. AIA also organizes numerous activities, including Bible studies, social events and a variety of community service opportunities.

Athletes In Action at Brown is a Brown University Student Group and affiliated with the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life.

AIA Creed

This is Athletes In Action.
We play for an Audience of One.
We compete with a grace motivation
And pursue a victory beyond competition.
We will get dirty
And we will face tragedy
And, yes, most likely injury.
But that does not change our identity
As players on God's winning team
Or better yet, as children in God's family.
For in light of His mercy
We truly are free
To become what we were meant to be: Total Athletes
Spirit, mind, and body
We bow our knee to the One, True King,
J-C, Jesus Christ.
Who is he? The Ultimate MVP,
The Servant, the Son, the Perfect Champion
Who declares it is all done.
And yet, it has just begun.
And yes,all are welcome.
This is Athletes In Action.

Our Team

The Lynn Family AIA Staff

Jarrod Lynn“I did not come to believe in Jesus Christ through a single miraculous event… Rather, my faith was forged with interrogations, investigations, and questions…” (Excerpt from school news article by Jarrod Lynn, printed April 2005: You Must Choose)

Elizabeth Achilles Volunteer

Former collegiate soccer player, track/field/XC

Holleigh Bergstrom Volunteer

Brown ’14, Track/Field

Student Leaders Volunteer

Pro Deo Ludimus

"In God We Hope, For God We Play." What do these two Latin phrases reveal? What do they mean? Let’s break it down word for word.

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AIA Intro Video

AIA is a community of athletes exploring how to glorify God in sport and in life. We’re all about Brown athletics! Check out this video to get a glimpse of what we're all about!

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  • Not only are you learning about Christ and just thinking of ways you can apply Him to your sport and also to daily life, but it's just really nice to know that there are other people who are kind of struggling with the same thing.

    Student Athlete, Track/Field

  • During my time at Brown, my faith has grown exponentially greater than when I got here.

    AJ, Student Athlete - Football

  • AIA has completely transformed my spiritual life. Community is just so important when pursuing your faith and I think for me, it's been great to have a group of strong individuals who are also strong Christians and great people to be around.

    Ross, Student Athlete - Cross Country, Track/Field


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