Our staff are here because they love student-athletes.  They listen, serve, hang out with, teach, feed, mentor, laugh with, guide and encourage.  Like you, each are on a spiritual journey and have their own unique talents, stories, passions and struggles.  They'd love to get to know you and for you to get to know them.


Susie hails from upstate New York and graduated from University at Buffalo (2005) with a bachelors degree in Health & Human Services. She loves swing dancing and BBC shows.

Jarrod was born and raised in northern California graduated from Brown University (2005) with a bachelors degree in Economics & Engineering while playing Varsity Football and then Ultimate Frisbee. He graduated again from Brown University (2007) with a Masters degree in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship. He joined the Staff of Cru (of which AIA is an affiliate ministry) in 2007. Since then, he has completed his certificate from the Institute of Biblical Studies and plans to finish his certificates in biblical counseling from CCEF in 2020. He also directs the Providence Roundtable, a dinner-discussion seminar for scholars on science, religion, and society.

Jarrod and Susie met at the Yellowstone Summer Project in 2006 and were married in 2007. They have four kids: Josiah (born 2008), Grace (born 2010), Wesley (born 2014), and Judson (born 2017).

Jarrod Lynn: “I did not come to believe in Jesus Christ through a single miraculous event… Rather, my faith was forged with interrogations, investigations, and questions...” (Excerpt from school news article by Jarrod Lynn, printed April 2005: You Must Choose)

Susie Lynn: “Campus Ministry is really hard for me, but what’s even harder is thinking of all those students going through the best and worst times of their lives with no idea how much God loves them...and then not answering God’s call for me to help show them.” (Excerpt from Susie Lynn’s response when asked about her calling to college campus ministry.)

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Elizabeth Achilles (former collegiate soccer player, track/field/XC), Holleigh Bergstrom (Brown '14, Track/Field)

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