From Seminary President to NFL Head Coach

Check out this incredible journey for Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich. He became a Christian through AIA, played in the NFL, went to seminary, pastored a church, and then went to coach in the NFL.

Here’s a snippet from the article: “He came to recognize more and more this false dichotomy between sacred and secular work,” Reich said. He learned about “the priesthood of all believers—that every Christian is called to live out their faith in their sphere of influence.”

And Reich’s sphere of influence is football.”

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Puerto Rico Missions & Vision Trip: January 12-19, 2019

Deadline to register: Dec. 3rd. Simply email us to let us know.

WHEN: Jan. 12-19

WHERE: Puerto Rico (San Juan and Mayaguez)

WHAT: Discover. Do. Dream. Decide.

  • Discover what God is doing among Puerto Rican students, coaches, faculty.
  • Do ministry with the ministry staff and student leaders.
  • Dream about how God might use you in the future in Puerto Rico and beyond.
  • Decide what your next steps of faith will be.

WHY: God’s Global Goal

  • God’s heart as always been for the whole world, and this one way we can take part in his global mission
  • Potential partnerships between AIA-Brown and Puerto Rico campus ministries, where we would regularly pray for them and send Brown University students there for Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, and STINT (short term international that is a 1 or 2 year of commitment)
  • AIA is already doing amazing things there.

WHO: students, coaches, professors, ministry staff and volunteers, alumni

HOW much does this cost? About $1,300 ($725 + flights)

  • This is a great opportunity to invite friends and family to partner with you by financially investing in you and this endeavor to bring glory to God beyond New England and the mainland. They can give their donations here.