Brown SLA: Vigil 12pm Tuesday, Dec. 4

From Shelby:
First, I wanted to thank you for what AIA has done to support the Student Labor Alliance’s Adidas’ campaign.  Not only did many AIAers sign our petition, but also an AIA member allowed us to reach out to her team.  We so appreciate your support.
In light of the recent factory fire (Nov 24 and 25) in Bangladesh, in which over 100 workers were killed and many more were injured, BSLA is holding a vigil on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 12 pm on the Faunce steps.  The factory had previously been given a “high risk” rating by workplace safety auditors; fire exits at the factory had been locked and management told workers not to evacuate when the fire broke out.  Workers in Bangladesh have taken to the streets to demand accountability for those who allowed the fire to happen. As we try to keep the university accountable in the purchases it makes, this accident reminds us of the importance of maintaining a safe and dignified working environment for everyone.
SLA is asking faith communities to be a part of this vigil to help remember the lives of these workers and mourn the systems of injustice that we are all a part of.  We particularly are reaching out to you because we know that many of these workers were people of faith, and it is important that we honor and remember them as such.  Would AIA/Cru members be able to attend this vigil?  Thank you so much for considering this.

The Epicenter Experience: Jan 18-21, 2013

As you may or may not recall, I sent you an email about this last month. The Epicenter Experience is where hundreds of college students in the northeast GATHER around Jesus in transformational community. We GROW in grace and truth, to love and serve through powerful stories, Biblical teaching and practical training. The Epicenter Experience helps you to center your life on Christ so that you can love the World as he did. Hear from: Matt Mikalatos, Carrie Walker, Bret Ogburn.  As a result we GO out to all nations with Christ’s unlimited capacity to love—we aim to love people today that we didn’t know yesterday and love others tomorrow that we don’t know today.

When is the Epicenter Experience? The event takes place over MLK weekend, January 18-21.
Where is the Epicenter Experience? The event takes place at Albany’s Holiday Inn at Wolf Road (205 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205).
What happens here? Awesome speakers, great times of worship, smaller workshops, engage with students from other schools

Cost? $189 with paid pre-registration for 3 nights and 4 days at The Epicenter Experience. Meals and transportation not included.  Go to for more information.

But about the AIA Northeast Winter Retreat? Good question. That’s still happening and that’s still a great opportunity, but The Epicenter Experience takes place right before school starts and is very different in terms of content and context–all of which is super beneficial and well worth your time. In fact, go to the The Epicenter Experience this year and attend the AIA Northeast Winter Retreat for FREE!