Dear Varsity Coaches,

I want you to know a few things about Athletes In Action at Brown. First, we’re all about Brown athletics! We want to support all the teams and be part of making the Brown athletic program the best that it can be. Second, along these same lines, we want to be a help and resource to your athletes, which includes current athletes and prospective athletes.

For the current athletes, you can click around our website to learn more about who we are and what we’re doing. Additionally, I’d love to be a personal resource to you and your athletes in regards to “chaplain” type things like counseling, guidance, and spiritual support, as well as other sport-related things like handling injury, mental barriers, and relational conflicts. These are all things in which I’ve been trained and have personal experience.

For the prospective athletes, I’m happy to meet with them and talk about how great Brown and the athletic department are and share some of the highlights during my time at Brown as an athlete. Also, I could connect him/her with current athletes, as well as Brown Alumni. And I’m happy to talk to the parents of these prospective athletes too–although sometimes those parents have already reached out to me. And I would make sure than any action would be in accordance with NCAA Guidelines for recruiting and non-coach contact.

Finally, thank you for all your time, commitment, and efforts in coaching these athletes. So much of your job is behind the scenes and under the radar, but please know that we’re so grateful for you!

Go Bears!

Jarrod Lynn (Brown ’05, M’07)

If you’d like to help us get the word out about AIA at Brown, then here’s something you can send in an email to your players:

“Athletes In Action at Brown ( is a movement of athletes seeking to honor God in sport and life. We don’t have it all figured out and we know we’ve got lots of areas to improve. So we get together every week to talk about it and hear from veterans (e.g., Brown alumni, pro players, former collegiate players) to help us navigate our time at Brown. We also love to have fun together and seek to serve the community (locally and globally), so we have all sorts of things planned throughout the year. We’d love for you to join us! With over a dozen different teams currently represented, you probably already know several players involved. Check out our website for the latest updates. Hope to see ya this week.” — Jarrod Lynn (Brown ’05, M’07; football), AIA Campus Director


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