Life. School. Sport. What are you doing it all for? What is your motivation? Here is your chance to put purpose behind everything you do as a student and an athlete. Want to know how? AIA's Northeast Winter Retreat is a time for student-athletes to get away form campus, connect with other colleges and universities around the Northeast, and grow in their love and faith in Jesus Christ.  Whether you believe in God, are just checking things out, or want to grow spiritually the AIA retreat is wide open to you.

What can you expect? There will be great talks, some seminars, free time, play time, dodgeball competition, and learn about awesome opportunities for you to further your spiritual development and glorify God. You don't want to miss it.

WHEN: January 30-February 1, 2020

We'll depart Brown at 7pm Friday and be back around 1pm Sunday. If you need to leave campus later or depart the retreat earlier, then please let us know asap and we'll try to accommodate that as best we can.

WHERE: Lakeside Christian Camp in western MA (about 2 hours drive from Providence)

WHO: College athletes from all over the northeast (e.g., Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, Albany, Princeton, and a bunch of others)

Cost: Only $125--Online registration here. (Choose "Northeast Winter Retreat" in the Event drop down menu.)

Scholarships available...for EVERYONE! (Food will be provided at the retreat, but bring money for gas and if you want to get food during the road trip.).

  • SPECIAL DEAL! Register by Dec. 1 and YOU ONLY PAY a $25 deposit. AIA-Brown will cover the rest of your cost, thanks to generous AIA-Brown alumni.
  • So...register yourself, and then invite your teammates to come with you!

More about the retreat...check out this fun recap video from 2016

While the seminars for 2020 are still to be determined, check out the ones we had lined up during previous years:

"Sex & Relationships" -- Eric Gravelle (NYC Metro)

Learn about God's powerful design for sex and how it compares to our culture's view.  During the session, we will talk about singleness, dating, marriage & sex--what the Bible says and filling in the blanks where it doesn't specify.  There will also be adequate time for open Q&A.

"The Bible for Dummies... and Smaahht Kids" -- Jarrod Lynn (Brown)
Sure, it's the most sold book of all time (by a landslide) and it's important, but how can we better understand & approach the Bible?  It's like other books yet it's also not. . .  so we'll look at what you need to know to get into this "primary source" of Christian faith & practice for yourself.
"My Top 5 Money Tips" -- Mark Randall (Rochester area)
After 20 yrs on a modest missionary salary, Mark became a millionaire.  He's had many ups-n-downs along the way.  He'll share his experiences with you & leave plenty of time for Q&A about $, student loans, investments & God's perspective on these topics.
"Navigating the Party Scene" -- Craig Luekens (Yale)
It's Saturday night and I've got options.  I also have some convictions.  Then I hear plenty of other people's opinions.  How can I make my way through this maze of personal preference & peer pressure with a measure of wisdom & a touch of realism?
"TGIM: Thank God It's Monday--Thinking Biblically About Work" -- David 'Busch'man (Princeton)
Does God care about my job?  What does the Bible teach about work?  How should my Christian faith affect it?  We'll examine these "real-world" realities with a view to a wide range of careers to better integrate the claims of faith with the demands of the workplace.

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