Cornerstone Magazine is Brown and RISD’s only Christian Literary Arts Journal. Our magazine started only 2 years ago and though we are young, we have been growing within the campus and in the greater Providence community.
We are a group of writers, artists, editors, photographers, poets, graphic designers, and overall enthusiasts for spiritual conversation and creativity. Through our magazines, we aim to glorify God, stir spiritual thoughts, and make conversations accessible to both Christians and non-Christians alike.
Cornerstone releases an issue semesterly, compiling and editing submissions from students both on and off staff, ranging from creative nonfiction to photography, poetry to apologetics, artwork to music, all with the single purpose to spread God’s love through our words and art.
If you are interested in submitting, send your submissions to, and if you are interested in becoming a part of our staff, join us at our meetings on Sunday nights at 9:15 pm in JWW 201!
For their submissions, there’s a pretty wide range of what they receive. For nonfiction pieces, people are usually answering a “big question” in Christianity, on topics such as suffering, morality, or science. Also another option for nonfiction pieces is a personal testimony that writers feel would appeal to the Brown community. Nonfiction pieces are usually about 1,000-2,000 words. Another option is a music review on a Christian album or band, or a book review on a book with Christian themes. They also receive short stories, poems, art and photography that have Christian themes. Contact them for more info.

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