www.veritas.org/brownStarted at Harvard in 1992, Veritas Forums are hosted by coalitions of Christian fellowships at over 65 leading schools in the US, with the aim of engaging students and faculty in discussions of life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Christian perspectives to these issues. And Athletes In Action has helped to play a key role in making this event happen at Brown over the past several years.

The Veritas Forum welcomes the diverse viewpoints of experts who wrestle with the big questions both intellectually and personally. Past presenters include the former head of the Human Genome Project Francis Collins, world-famous philosopher Peter Singer, prominent psychologist Steven Pinker, respected theologian N.T. Wright, and notable religious scholar Diana Eck. Further information can be found at www.veritas.org.

At Brown, we have engaged with several notable professors over the years, including renowned biologist Ken Miller, Professor of International Affairs Nathaniel Berman, and Professor of History Linford Fisher. Please contact us if you know of other faculty at Brown that might be interested in being part of this forum.

Also, would you like to be involved in helping to make the next Veritas Forum at Brown a success? Please let us know! We would love your help. There are a number of key roles that students can take on, such as

  • Campus Forum Director
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Publicity Director
  • Technical Director
  • A/V Director
  • Prayer Coordintaor
  • Head Usher
  • Photographer
  • Community Coordinator

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