Do you have to be a Varsity athlete to join AIA?
    No! We welcome any and all athletes: varsity, club, intramural, retired, injured, or wannabee.
    What are Life Groups?
    Life Groups are safe places to get to know people, talk about real life issues, and to go deeper into each others lives. They're also places to ask questions, to wrestle with truths of the Bible and to grow in your relationship with God. There are no prerequisites to join!
    How do you connect sports and faith?
    This why our group exists! There's no easy or short answer to this question, but we believe it is not only possible to connect sports and faith. but it's the only way to maximize our potential as athletes.
    Are there any requirements before getting involved with AIA?
    No requirements, no official membership applications, no religious affiliations necessary. And you're welcome to join us as often as you'd like.
    What is the best way to get involved?
    If you're interested in getting involved in AIA, a great way to start would be to join us on Wednesday nights for Prime Time or check out our Men's & Women's Life Groups. If you'd like to join us for either (or both!) but still have a question feel free to contact us at