Dear Brown Alumni,

My wife, Susie, and I want to ask you to consider becoming partners with us in our ministry to students at Brown—many of them athletes, as well as a growing number of international students, coaches and faculty.

Universities have an enormous influence on American and world culture, and God has called us to point current and future leaders to Jesus for over a decade now. We need your help to continue to minister to those shaping our future.

I recently had a conversation with John, a student-athlete at Brown University—which, as you know, draws some of the brightest students and professors from all over the world. John and I talked about how he could reach his team for Christ. He wants to do this so they can find true life and then go on to graduate and influence the world for the glory of God.

In fact, one of his teammates has already accepted Christ, and many others are seriously considering the gospel.

I would like to share how you could help students like John. Would you consider having a conversation via phone with me in the next week to hear how you could partner with us to reach students and faculty for Christ? Even if it’s just 15 minutes, we’d love to make it happen. Please let us know.

Below, I’ve included a description of our ministry and how you can partner with us. Thank you, in advance, for your prayerful consideration to join with us in this great mission.

In His service with you,




Jarrod & Family, on behalf of AIA-Brown

More about Jarrod and Susie Lynn and their work on college campuses in New England:

The students who graduate from schools in the Northeast, including those from Rhode Island (e,g, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Providence College), go on to lead the world in every country and every industry. Yet this region and the schools in it are the least-churched and least biblically literate in the U.S. But God is still working!

I think of the students in our ministry who are studying to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Imagine the impact they could make if they had a relationship with Jesus Christ as the central driving force in their life. Truly the entire world could be changed for the glory of God.

First as students and then as staff members with Cru (the umbrella organization for Athletes In Action) in the campus ministry since 2001, we have seen God transform broken lives both here and overseas with His love and grace.

Our prayer is that through evangelism and discipleship God will continue to use us to show students the truth of Christ and encourage them to live a passionate and authentic life for Him. If you want to read more about what we do, please visit our website.

We spend our days launching and building movements with these future world-changers, joining them on their spiritual journey and pointing them toward Jesus Christ. But we can’t do it alone. So we ask others to partner with us in our movements of evangelism and discipleship. We also need partners like you to pray and give financially to this vital work.

There are three things we’d like you to consider. First, would you commit to praying for us throughout the year by receiving our monthly ministry updates?

Second, would you consider scholarshipping a student to the Ultimate Training Camp, a week-long summer mission

opportunity with Athletes in Action this May?

Last year one of the Brown athletes who attended had heard the gospel for the first time months before; she gave her life to Christ on the trip. The 7 others from Brown received life-changing Christian training that catapulted them on missions to reach their families, friends and teammates for Christ. This year we want to scholarship 15 students to gain this life-changing opportunity and empower them to impact others.And third, would you commit to invest directly in our Campus Ministry Operating Budget by giving regularly?

$750 $50/month $500/quarter $5,000/year
Send 1 student to the Ultimate Training Camp to experience sport as God designed it - for His glory -  and to gain practical tools for personal spiritual growth and for training others in Christian living. Scholarship 1 student to life-changing Fall or Winter conference & provide needed ministry materials for a student’s spiritual development, evangelism, and discipleship efforts. Launch 2 campus-wide outreach Plans each Fall and Spring semester geared toward gathering freshmen who are spiritually seeking. Data shows freshman year is when most students make faith-commitments during college. Send two students on a Summer Missions opportunities where they will grow in their faith, learn to share the gospel and disciple others for a lifetime of fruitful Christ-centered ministry in the church and workplace.

Cru has no central funds for staff or ministry operating costs, so your donation makes the difference for us and for the students and faculty we serve. Your help is needed and appreciated.

Any and all of these investments by you will help us continue to bring the gospel to these influential student and faculty leaders. As a team, we can come alongside them to point them to Jesus at Brown and beyond!

It would be an honor to have you join with us as a Ministry Partner in reaching the college campus. And, thank you for your consideration. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Jarrod and Susie