Welcome! Apparently, you’re new here.  Or you’re not, but just love us so much you wanted to relive the experience all over again. Either way, Welcome.  As you cruise around the site you should find just about everything you’re looking for having to do with Campus Crusade for Christ here at Cornell (we call it Cru).  To put it simply, Cru is a movement of students that love Jesus.  We love him because He loved us first.  Because of what Jesus did, we can know the God who created us and we can have a real relationship with Him.  So, like anything you love, we want others to know about Him.  We want every student at Cornell to experience the love of Christ and know a relationship with Him. If you’re just looking for more information about our particular expression of Campus Crusade for Christ, then head over to About Us.

Jumping off from this page you’ll find some useful links,  including a bit about area churches, the other Christian ministries on campus and a few of the finer points about life on the hill.

To get to know some of us better, and to get a better feel for what we’re all about, check out the Cru blog on our home page, or follow us on Twitter.

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If you’re looking for some answers to the most important questions about life, you may also want to check out everystudent.com, a great website from Campus Crusade for Christ International that exists as a safe place to ask questions about college, life, and what it might be like to know God.  Chrisitanity is not about blind faith and you don’t have to shelf you’re brain in an effort to know God.  Everystudent.com engages the intellect and provides some great insights into tough questions.