Scripture calls Christians to do everything for the glory of God (1st Corinthians 10:31). Every thought, word, and action should bring honor to him. This includes playing, watching, and talking sports! But how do sport fit into the big picture of living a life that glorifies God? How does the God that created the universe care about our weekend Little League games our Monday Night Football? Game Day for the Glory of God seeks to answer that question from a biblical perspective. Sports fan Stephen Altrogge gives biblical guidance on playing, watching, and discussing sports in a God-glorifying manner.

Sports are a gift from God, but we’ll waste this gift if we play for our own glory. So how do we play for God’s glory and not our own?


The booklet, Don't Waste Your Sports by C.J. Mahaney, provides a biblical worldview of sports so that we don’t waste this gift. “I had the opportunity to glorify God in my sports,” C. J. writes, “and I fumbled it. I wasted my sports. You have the opportunity, by the grace of God, not to waste yours.” Here are some more recommended books:
  • Game Day for the Glory of God by Stephen Altrooge
  • The Assist by Brian Smith
  • Heart of an Athlete by Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Go here for more online resources from AIA, and check out the national AIA websites here and here.

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